Yoshidas Salmon

This just makes me happy!  Why… because it took no prep, 35 minutes to cook and my family was smiling 🙂  I love chicken but get so sick of the same old same old.  Salmon is where it is at baby.
This tasty fish is high in protein, high in vitamin D.  You average serving contains 21 grams of protein (awesome).Good thing Costco always has it fresh and ready.  I prefer a terriyaki flavor with my fish so I just grabbed a bottle of Yoshida’s Sweet terriyaki marinade from the store and lets just say it was 100% satisfaction.  I also prefer sweet potatoes over any other and added that for the carbohydrate along with a quick and easy veggie salad.  The nice thing is you can buy and freeze the salmon too.  I added some pasta for the kids because most of them won’t eat the potato.
  • fresh salmon prepackaged from Costco
  • one jar of Yoshida’s
1-  Preheat oven to 350.
2- place salmon onto tin foil and spread marinade all over
3- wrap up completely and cook on a cookie sheet
4- check to make sure it isn’t pink in the middle after 20-25 minutes.  Just eye ball how much longer.
* I served it with more sauce poured over.
Delicious for left overs too.
Today will be a salmon salad day 🙂

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