Weekday Salad

I am obsessed with beautiful,tasteful,fresh salads.  I crave them and like to take the time to make them perfected to my liking.  This is so simple but yet incredibly healthy and filling!
Keep fresh ingredients on hand and committee to yourself that you are worth it!!  Feeding your body right is everything.  Keeping goals in mind and the determination to never quit trying to be healthy is key.
The balsamic glaze drizzled over the top of this is my favorite.  My adorable friend Emily Thompson has my so in love with this product.  You can find it next to the vinegars.
  • butter lettuce-fresh, washed and torn (Costco is a great deal)
  • 1/2 sweet potato cooked and chopped
  • mini cucumbers washed and peeled
  • yellow pepper sliced
  • chicken breast (rotisserie chicken)
  • edamame (I keep Costco’s frozen pack in my freezer and heat them up) THE best.
  • -dressing of choice (not Ranch)  🙂
  • hard boiled egg whites are hiding in this pic as well
(any other veggies of choice)
I usually use some kind of balsamic, balsamic spray etc.
sprinkle with salt if desired

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