Restaurant Style Spuds


Anytime you go to a restaurant, they always have the best potatoes…. I think this is why.  My friend Danielle Blaser gave me this quick tip, ensuring them to perfection.  Let them cook all day in the crock pot and they will melt in your mouth.  They taste exceptionally better than the microwave, and free up your oven to make your meat.  Potatoes always leave me full all night long which keeps the whole fam happy 🙂

1- wash, poke with a fork and wrap with foil (I use red potatoes)
2- put into crock pot on low ( I put mine in at 12pm) for 5 hours or so…  depending
on how many you are making, you can decide the amount.

My favorite topping is butter spray, cottage cheese and the drizzle from my meat.  Yum!


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