Red Leaf Butter Lettuce

I am obsessed!!!  Where have I been all these years?  Butter lettuce mixed with Red leaf lettuce!  Thank you to “Dole”  I eat this most days for lunch… sometimes dinner too.  I don’t use the dressing that comes in it.  The lettuce combo is so satisfying.  I have no excuse not to eat salad.  I buy a few bags a week at Costco.  Under $3.00 per bag. woot woot.    It is just a hand full away and fast.  I usually melt a little cheese over rotisserie chicken or use leftover protein from a previous dinner.  I add whatever veggies I have to it, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and my favorite dressing.  You can never eat enough lettuce.

Now you have no excuse not to have a salad every day too!  🙂


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