Lemon Pepper Avocado Sandwich


Avocado toast! I would’ve never thought of this. My friend Summer gave me this idea a few years ago. I love having it as a snack… not quite a meal but sometimes you just need a “filler”…. right?  Tomatoes are D I V I N E right now.  Especially ones straight from the garden. I am in heaven.

This isn’t anything that you haven’t thought of I’m sure, but hey… you never know.  My son will eat it with the avocado only. Try it. You’ll soon be using it as your filler as well.


  • one piece of whole wheat toast
  • butter spray/or butter:)
  • avocado
  • tomato
  • salt/pepper
  • lemon pepper


1-toast your bread as you like and butter
2-avocado/tomato or whatever…
seasonings on top….


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