Hot Turkey and Swiss Sandwich

This is my latest lunch crave. I get on kicks where I’ll have the same thing for lunch for a month or two and then I need a major change. So this has been in the running for about 5 weeks now and I can’t tell you how delish it is. It takes 35 seconds to heat up .
I find that after I have made my kids lunch I keep putting off lunch for me because I can’t think of anything that is quick and satisfying, but this has saved me.  I have no excuse and can make it in a jiffy.  Add some fresh fruit to your meal and you’re set!
  • Aspen Mills all-Natural Honey Whole Wheat bread (from Costco)
  • Honey turkey sliced fresh at the deli (from Smiths)
  • Fresh sliced baby Swiss cheese
Heat for 35 seconds in your microwave or 20 seconds If it’s only half a sandwich.
Now you don’t have any excuses either 🙂

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