Grandma Carter’s BBQ Brisket

We have a winner!!!  I swear that this is the BEST Brisket that I have ever tasted.  Either that or I was just starving… joke.  It seriously melts into your mouth and keeps you coming back for more.  It is the best of both worlds- dinner and dessert all in one!  That is how completely mouth watering good this is.  The recipe from my sister Becky Carters  family cook book.   Even if you only kind of eat red meat (myself) … you will be in HEAVEN.  Tender, fall apart as you scoop onto your plate GOODNESS.
Also, don’t we all stress when we want to have company over but FLIP what are we going to make???  You decide the amount of meat you will need and you are set.  The oven does all the work!
  • butt brisket (trimmed)  Costco’s is Fab
  • Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce (just gauge it accordingly)
1- wrap brisket tightly in foil and place in baking pan
2- bake at 275 for 3-4 hours
3- carefully unwrap and  cool
5- slice 1/4 inch thick and pour BBQ sauce on the meat while separating the slices
6- reheat with foil open for about 1 hour at 275
7-if juicy enough-baste!
(this is 3 servings per pound of brisket)

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