Fresh Brussel Sprouts


I LOVE Brussels Sprouts. It’s one of those things that you either love or hate. I remember in High School I was such a picky eater and my mom would always have these boiling on the stove for me as a treat when I would get home – it was perfect!  I know it may seem crazy but I can enjoy a fresh veggie dish just as much as 12 chocolate chip cookies!  If you prepare them right, you will hopefully love them too.


One bunch fresh Brussels sprouts
1/2 cup Yoshidas Original Marinade
Butter spray


1-Cut the bottoms off of the Brussels sprouts
2-Place into a medium sized pot and boil to soften to your liking (I prefer 10 minutes or so)
3-Pour into strainer and garnish with butter or butter spray,salt and drizzle Yoshidas sauce over it

I can even eat them cold.  Is anyone with me on this one?


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