Favorite Protein Bars

LOVE these protein bars! I am always stocked up on them.. You can find them cheapest at Target. They sell them by the box and it is a better deal. I love the taste and how they satisfy my 11:00am craving so well! I always have one in my purse too.

There is nothing worse than starvation! I don’t do starving! Wont tolerate it… I eat something before the gym (6am) and then usually have a protein shake after my workout (7:30) . I always need my bowl of cereal still and that usually comes around 9:30am. My body knows what to expect and that makes it easy to keep up my routine of clean, healthy eating.

I usually have one of these or a healthy snack before lunch… That’s just what works for me. It holds me over until I can get the kids fed, cleaned and happy. I can make something healthy and satisfying for myself when I have a minute to think.
 Yes these have a little sugar, but I eat sugar.. I have overload days and ok’ days, but if I try to take it out of my diet then it consumes me and we don’t want that do we!!??
My favorite flavor of these is Chocolate mint (thin mint tasting).. and Vanilla Almond.
See what you think 🙂
P.S.  I took a seminar and met the guy who makes these (Gary)   He is a pretty cool dude!  All of the Clif bars taste amazing… just sayin.

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