One word… Edamame.
This bag is from Costco and it’s  worth every penny.  Grab yourself some Kosher Salt and heat them up in the microwave and then throw in 1 tsp Kosher salt.  Great source of protein as well!  Perfect for anytime during the day.  Healthy healthy healthy!!!

The Review

8.7 Awesome

So I gave the taste a lower rating compared to other foods I rate only because it's pretty much tasteless unless you sprinkle some salt on it. That's what makes these really good and super addicting! Aside from that, in terms of how fast and easy these are to make, how much protein they have and overall healthiness; you can't lose with these!

Eat 'em up!

  • Taste 7
  • Amount of Protein 9
  • Preparation Time 10
  • Price 7.5
  • Overall Healthy-ness 10

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