Cowboy Caviar


The Best Cowboy Caviar In the West

Drum roll please…..this stuff is FABULOUS!
I got this recipe about 10 years ago and have since adjusted it perfectly, exactly how I like it.
This is the number one hit at any party, dinner or event. Just watch, this appetizer will be swarming with people the second you put it on the table. It is seriously gone before anyone even realizes what just happened.
As you can tell, this is one of my favorite recipes and I must have already shared it hundreds of times over the years. It is simply a must have at every event!
Get it? Got it? Good! 🙂
  • Three and a half tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • Two and a half teaspoon canola oil (or baking oil)
  • One and a half teaspoon hot sauce
  • Two cloves garlic
  • One eighth of a teaspoon pepper
  • Fifteen ounce can of black eyed peas
  • Fifteen ounce can pinto beans
  • Fifteen ounce can black beans
  • Fifteen ounce canned corn
  • One bunch cilantro (chopped)
  • Two thirds cup green onion sliced
  • Six Roma tomatoes
  • Five or six avocados
  • LOTS of salt to taste
  • Tortilla chips
  1. Drain all of the canned beans and corn into a strainer and rinse
  2. Pour into a large mixing bowl
  3. Add all of the other ingredients except for the avocados
  4. As far as the cilantro goes- I slide off the leaves with my hands and then put them into my chopper with the garlic. Once chopped, combine with everything else.
  5. Add salt to your liking but don’t forget or you’ll be sorry (I like it with a lot of salt)
  6. If you’d like, squeeze a fresh line on top but not a deal breaker one way or another
  7. Taste it with a chip to ensure perfection 🙂
  8. Add avocado very last, because if you mix it up too much with the avocado it gets all smashed up and just doesn’t look as purrty
You just wait, if you take this to your next party you may as well print off 15 recipes to share!
It is also so great rolled into a tortilla with some chicken and melted Swiss cheese or on top of some nachos.
P.S. I used to think that if I was having a large party that I needed to double it, but you don’t! This makes a lot as is and when it’s gone it’s gone… xo

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  1. The recipes look fabulous and I am really excited to try ’em. I’ve been wanting to try this caviar for a while now so I’m looking forward to making fact I have a party coming up next week!
    Love you sweetie pie!
    Nichole G

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