Clark’s Favorite Pork Chops

DELICIOUS! DIVINE! DELECTABLE!  I”m not usually big on Pork Chops but these are the exception.
This recipe is from the “Favorites” cook book.  An oldie but goodie that is full of amazing recipes.  When I cook pork chops I am always worried about them not being soft enough.  These were totally, the melt in your mouth,fall apart kind of chops.  Oh-and not to mention EASY.  After baking, I just removed the ketchup for my kids and they loved the tender texture and tasty flavor.
pork chops (however many you need.  I bought mine at Smiths)  This was enough to feed my crew
1-2 lemons
1-2 yellow onions
brown sugar
 1- place pork chops onto a greased Pyrex dish
2- thinly slice up onion and cover the chop
3- thinly slice up lemons and cover as well
4- sprinkle with brown sugar (don’t be shy)
5- add ketchup on top
*squirt excess lemon juice all over your masterpiece
6- cover and bake for one hour at 350
7- uncover and bake for 30 more minutes

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I am a mother of four beautiful children. I love to cook and share my recipes ~ Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Shannon! These are also known as “Spence’s Favorite Pork Chops!” I’ve been making these since the week we got married and I opened up the Betty Crocker Cookbook to the easiest looking recipe. They are a favorite here and have been for 20+ years. So glad you love them too! xoxo

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