Cedar Plank Salmon

A few years ago my dear friend Callie had us over for a barbecue and she was preparing this salmon seasoning and I couldn’t wait to try it as I watched it cook on a cedar plank. It tasted as amazing as it looked too!!
I have made this time and time again for friends, family events and just to spoil my own kids and husband. This is effortless and SO tasty! The best part is the cedar plank because you don’t get that “fishy” taste that usually comes with cooking fish.
  • Fresh Salmon (I buy mine fresh from Costco. It can be pricey but I promise it is worth every penny)
  • One Cedar plank (Purchase at any major grocery store.. I like to have a few on hand as well)
  • Two Tablespoons brown sugar
  • One teaspoon garlic powder
  • One teaspoon salt
  • One teaspoon coarse black pepper
  • Step one: Soak Cedar plank for up to one hour and pat dry prior to baking with it. This quick tip ensures your salmon stays moist.
  • Step two: Heat grill to 350 degrees, add soaked plank to grill rack, close cover, heat three minutes and flip plank for another three minutes of heating.
  • Step three: Mix above ingredients together and sprinkle onto salmon prior to cooking
  • Step three: Add salmon to heated plank, close cover; cook until done, no turning or flipping necessary 🙂
I usually serve this with Uncle Ben’s chicken flavored rice and a vegetable.
I love this and hope you enjoy as well. I always hope that there will be leftovers, but that is usually not the case. I love that my kids gobble this up as well.

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