Cascade Ice, Baby!

My sister Ashley discovered Cascade Ice at the grocery store and I have been hooked ever since – thanks Ash! 🙂
I admit it, I love a good can of soda but I found that I really just love the carbonation more than anything.
The eye-watering fizz of an icy cold [insert favorite drink here] rushing down your throat on a hectic afternoon is like heaven but Cascade Ice can do the trick too! Plus, there is no caffeine (this is good and bad!) and lots of different flavors to choose from.
For just 88 cents and two little calories, these fruity drinks are so yummy and refreshing. They offer a great way to mix it up throughout the day and they’ve got plenty of carbonation to tickle the back of your throat, but “drink responsibly”…if you’re not careful, they’ll be gone fast!
You can find them in the refrigerated section at most grocery stores.
(my husband wrote this one as a “favor” so don’t blame me for the odd tone of this post – but I do promise these are great drinks!)

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