Albacore Goodness

Love me some Albacore mixed with fresh cucumbers.   Every Monday I try to mix up something healthy to munch on for a few days.  I get so sick of turkey meat and this is a great alternative.  I rarely  make myself a sandwich, but I am all about what’s inside it 🙂  If I keep healthy food in the fridge that is easy access then I make better food choices.  I like to eat it plain or with whole wheat chips or reduced fat Wheat Thins.  Any kind of healthy cracker will due.
It’s a perfect way to get your veggies, protein and carb in.  If you just skip the carb- you will be hungry!! I hate hungry.  Make sure that you hydrate with h20 along with it.  The more you fill up on water, the longer you will be full and not have to chew your hand off throughout the rest of the day.  Make sense??
  • 3/4 cans of Albacore Tuna
  • 2 Tablespoons light Miracle Whip (I’m not a Mayo girl)
  • a bunch of bread and butter pickles (sugar free) chopped
  • 3-4 mini cucumbers chopped.
  • salt to taste
Mix it all together and you will have a healthy, filing treat to rescue you throughout the day !

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I am a mother of four beautiful children. I love to cook and share my recipes ~ Hope you enjoy!

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